Best orthodontist! My daughter will be forever thankful for the smile Dr. Sisodia made for her. She never smiled until now!

Dr Sisodia is such a sweet kind hearted orthodontist. She is truly different than any other orthodontists we have been to. Having a family of four kids we had three other orthodontists for my older kids and have never had such a good experience like this office. They are totally responsive, clean and professional. Not to mention her eye for detail to make my daughters smile perfect!

Plus very safe and clean during the COVID times.

Look no further for orthodontists

Debbie C.

The BEST orthodontist!!!! So professional!!! And my teenage son absolutely loved going to his appointments. Dr. Sisodia was just so kind and very patient with any questions that my son had. I would definitely recommend Sisodia Orthodontics.

Kathryn C.

Dr. Sisodia is incredible! As a second time braces wearer (I had them in my teens the first time), and as a mother to a child who also had braces, I can't say enough about how positive this experience with Dr. Sisodia has been in comparison. Not only is she friendly, kind, gentle and understanding, but also meticulous about her work - and it shows! I'm thrilled with the end result, and I love my new smile :)

Mira L.

Dr. Sisodia emanates such a positive energy. She is attentive, conscientious, caring, and down to earth. She was always so gentle when performing any procedure on me. She doesn't TELL you what you need to have done, she ADVISES you and asks for your feedback. I felt comfortable having her be in charge of my smile. She was so flexible and understanding of my schedule since I was at university 4 hours from home. Great orthodontist and kind soul.

Samantha O.

Dr. Sisodia is amazing. I had a severe underbite when I first came to her and surgery was a very real, very scary possibility for me at 13 years old. However, Dr. Sisodia did absolutely everything she could to correct my bite without me having to undergo surgery. Three years later, her treatments had worked leaving me with straightened teeth and a fully corrected bite. She worked extremely hard throughout my entire time with her to help me in every way possible. I am so grateful for all that she has done and would highly recommend her.

Ashley P.

Sisodia Orthodontics is by far the best in Simi Valley and perhaps Ventura County! Dr. Sisodia and her staff go above and beyond what is expected. Our experience with her has been stellar for both of my boys. Thanks Dr. Sisodia!